“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” (John 1:4 ESV)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


by Macy Johnson

“For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on Him,
but to suffer for Him.’”
(Philippians 1:29 NIV)

A friend recently gave me a copy of his deceased wife’s book, Postcards from the Precipice – Reflections of a Christian Facing Death. The author filled this treasured collection with emails from friends and musings journaled in her last months of life on earth.

The suffering on each page is palpable, allotting a bitter-sweet aftertaste. It is obvious the author experienced God up close and personal not only in her last days, but also in bygone years.

A heavenly visitor brought the family comfort on the day of the author’s funeral. Her husband recalls, “We were standing near the vehicles talking, when suddenly, a white dove landed on my truck. It spent the night on the hood of my wife’s car.”

While reading Postcards I recalled the many “postcards” in my life. So many junctures along the way nudged me to write a note to someone who touched my heart. And I thankfully received so many.

Think over the times you have suffered. Were you prodded to write a postcard, an email, an entry in your personal journal to encourage those following on the same path?

“For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives,
also through Christ our comfort overflows.”
(2 Corinthians 1:5 NIV)

Struggles in this life have eternal purposes. Endurance flows from Christ, through us, bestowing comfort to us and those around us. I dare not push sufferings aside or try to escape their torment. Strength and comfort from Jesus must be welcomed and shared.

I will trust my heavenly Father in the storms and struggles I face, and pray He uses me to comfort and bless others. I hope you will, too!

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