“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” (John 1:4 ESV)

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Beach Aunts

 by Macy Johnson

“The Lord does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth,

in the seas and all their depths.”

(Psalm 135:6 NIV)


Several of my husband’s high school friends from Virginia, South Carolina, and Texas met for a small class reunion on Florida’s Gulf Coast. We drove down from Georgia to Navarre Beach. A warm, fuzzy feeling came over me when we crossed the state line into Florida, my old stomping ground.


Early one morning Jeff’s out-of-state fishing license nudged him to accompany me on a walk along the water’s edge. Gentle waves were warm between my toes as pelicans flew low nearby. Saltwater smells and sounds escorted me to my younger self. Pairs of dolphins swam and jumped out of the water several yards offshore. The morning stroll took me past tourists speaking in languages I did not recognize.


After our fishing/walk, we ambled up to an open umbrella near the boardwalk at the foot of the high-rise condo. A seated young man monitored rows of chairs and umbrellas precisely placed on the sand. I asked if he knew my nephew, who performs a similar task on nearby Pensacola Beach.


“I just got off the phone with your nephew!” he exclaimed. “He’s at the resort where my aunt is visiting.”


“Well, you are at the resort where his aunt is visiting! Please tell him ‘Hi’ for us when you talk with him again,” I said.


Small world, I thought, as we slowly made our way down the long boardwalk to the pool area. Two aunts at different locations on the same shoreline served by each other’s nephew. We couldn’t have planned it. God reminded me that He orchestrates every detail of our lives. Another God Sighting!


I will look forward to visiting with members of God’s family today. I hope you will, too!

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